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Explore Authentic Korea

Welcome to KIWA's immersive workshops! Dive into the heart of Korea’s vibrant heritage through our unique courses in food, culture, and architecture. Prepare for an intense cultural immersion, unlocking the essence of this captivating country.

At KIWA, we believe culture transcends boundaries, fostering inclusive and diverse societies. Join us in celebrating Korean heritage, embracing the connecting power of culture to inspire and engage.

Workshop / Class

Lotus – From Root to Blossom

This workshop explores all aspects of the lotus, from its root to its blossom. You'll savor a traditional Korean 3 course meal made of diverse parts of lotus and witness a live demonstration on making lotus root pickles. Like the lotus's beauty rising from the mud, your efforts will yield amazing results

Yuza Danji

This workshop would tell you the story of Yuza citrus and traditional dessert of Korea. Also participants can take one bottle of Yuza Danji they created during the class.

Mandoo Bitki (cooking)

This workshop offers a hands-on cooking class for two variations of traditional Korean mandoo dumplings, along with sharing the recipes. Additionally, participants can savor mandoo paired with tea and delightful small desserts, creating a serene ambiance for a Korean tea time experience.

Yuza Chung (with kids +6)

This workshop would tell you the story of Yuza citrus and traditional dessert of Korea.

Participants can take one bottle of Yuza Chung created. (Use knife during the class, parents or eligible guardians are required) 

Catering / Private Event

KIWA has unique event space in the 2nd floor gallery of our location. Whether you’re planning an elaborate private or corporate events, we can create a catering menu to suit your occasion.

If you wish to order more than 10 gift sets or reserve a special/private event,

please contact us at 502-888-3513 at least 2 weeks prior to your desired date.

Event Catering

Turning Occasions into Unforgettable Memory. 


Dol/Baegil Sang • Birthdays •

Holiday Parties • Showers •

So Much More!

Corporate Catering

We love partnering with businesses of any size to

cater events.

Bulk Order

If you require a large quantity of dessert sets or bottled drinks for your event, we're here to assist. 

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